Guided Walks at
Smugglers’ Notch

Smugglers’ Notch offers Guided

Walks, Wikes, and Hikes

Walks:     a 1-2 hour walk involving moderate exercise

Wikes:     a little longer in duration; up to 3 hours and moderate to demanding exercise

Hikes:        4-6 hours; most physically demanding

Self-guided Nature Trail Walks and Hikes are offered daily.

Some of the walks offered at Smugglers’ Notch include:

Sunday Morning Family Walk

Forest Heritage Nature Wike

Smuggs Village Intro Walk

Family Ties River Walk

Brewster River Gorge Hike

Sterling Historical Wike

Birds and Bloomers Walk

Mt. Mansfield Hike

Family Ties Discovery Walk

Explore Morse Mountain Hike

Rum Runners’ Hideaway Wike

Woodland Wildlife Nature Wike

Family Ties Bears and Berries Wike

Sterling Pond Hike

Village Garden Tour

Sterling Range Ridge Hike

Bootleggers’ Basin Hike

Stowe Pinnacle Hike

Where Does the Water Go?

Vermont Maple Nature Walk

High Peak Tour

Watermelon Walk

Take a Hike To The Top of the Notch!

Other Self-Guided Hikes In The Area:

Elmore Mountain

Jay Peak

Mt. Mansfield East/West

Moss Glen Falls

Little River State Park

Nebraska Notch

The Forest Loop

The Run of the River

Follow the Bear

Stowe Pinnacle

Photos on this page were taken during a Vermont Maple Nature Walk.

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