The Instrument Exchange

What is Their Mission Statement?

It is the mission of The Instrument Exchange to provide instruments in good repair to children who could not 

otherwise afford them for a two year period. The Instrument Exchange is based on the Honor System. Parents

 or Guardians of Applicants must sign a certification that they are unable to afford their child’s instrument of

choice. Instruments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Each approved Applicant is assigned a

number to allow the Applicant to monitor his or her position on the specified instrument list from the

Instrument Registry. If you are unable to print the Application (See above) from the Web Site,  please call:

1-207-846-6612 and leave your name and address and telephone number and The Instrument Exchange will

forward a copy to you in the mail. The Instrument Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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What is The Instrument


The Instrument Exchange is a non-profit organization that is based in Yarmouth, Maine. They believe that playing an instrument can have a positive effect on a child's life. It is their mission to provide children who can't afford them with an instrument in good repair for a two year loan period.  They are actively collecting instruments by donation. If you would like to donate a used instrument to their organization, please contact them.   They welcome financial contributions to help their mission!

Executive Director:

Peter Lee

Board Members:

Donna Godfrey

Chris Gormley

Jennifer MacDonald

Bruce Peel


Where is The Instrument

Exchange Located?

The Instrument Exchange is located at 325 Main St. Yarmouth, ME, 04096

What is Their Contact Information?

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-207-846-6612 (Peter S. Lee, Atty. at Law)


Does The Instrument

Exchange Have a Website?

Yes, here is the link for the website of The Instrument Exchange:

Media Coverage:

Here is a link for a great article written by Bill Nemitz in the April 3, 2011

edition of the Portland Press Herald:

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Executive Director Peter Lee

Peter Lee is shown checking out a cello before loaning it to a twelve-year-old girl.